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Wood Edge Independent School - My3 Outreach Education Model

Welcome to Wood Edge Independent School. We are Ofsted Registered URN:143936 http://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/27/143936 for students aged 11 – 19 years and is an integrated My3 service – Care Education and Therapeutic – to provide a seamless and focused approach for each individual to Live – Learn - Grow 

My3 are proud to provide a caring and compassionate environment at Wood Edge Independent School that can create enriched learning experiences, for young people that have Special Education Needs, based on their strengths, skills and interests

The Wood Edge Independent School Curriculum and rationale works well for each individual because it is highly personalised and based on the principles and aims of the National Curriculum at KS3; KS4 and KS5 levels with the opportunity to gain qualifications and wider achievement awards. The individual timetables, education programmes and student journeys are created around the needs of the young person.



Student’s experience will include a mix of subject-based learning and inter-disciplinary learning. They may learn in small groups, or on their own, and we work to find the personalised approach that works best for each individual. 

We believe all young people have potential and our aim is to unlock that through flexible learning opportunities and motivating experiences. Our experience shows that children and young people feel safer when they have stable adult role models and consistent daily routines. My3 has a highly qualified staff team, aiming to give young people structure, boundaries and targets, as well as spontaneity and flexibility in their education and through 24 hour learning opportunities.



My3 works collaboratively with all their stakeholders We are privileged to be in such close proximity to Edge Hill University campus to enjoy use of the leisure resources but also successful University student work placements with Learning and Development Courses.



The education model offers an innovative approach of My3 care homes, clustered around a central education classroom at Wood Edge Independent School, where the majority of learning and teaching is carried out and where the therapeutic services Wellbeing Hub is also based. In our last school inspection, March 2020, Ofsted reported:

“….at Wood Edge, pupils get the support and care that they need to help them do their best. They feel safe. Their self-confidence returns so that they can get back into learning again”



Within each My3 Care Home there is a safe learning space to give the opportunity for an outreach education package to be delivered on site, if required. This allows us to provide the structure, additional support and care that young people overcoming past difficulties need.




The Senior leadership, care, education, and therapeutic teams, can identify the outcomes each student desires. A plan is created together which will work towards achieving the young person’s goals, equipping them with skills, abilities and the personal development needs for reintegration into a mainstream, further education setting, work or Independent Living. This was validated by Ofsted in their report, March 2020: 

“…The members of the body of proprietors have made sure that the school meets all the independent school standards. They have set up a curriculum that has all the subjects that pupils should learn”


Questions about referrals, funding and availability? Contact or Call:
Julie Collings: 07790756240 julie@my3ltd.co.uk 
Antony Maynard, Head of Education: 01695 5705668 antony.maynard@my3ltd.co.uk 


My3 Community and Wood Edge Independent School Purpose

Wood Edge Independent School has a very different approach to how our students learn, as we recognize the need for their context to be settled, secure and safe to allow them the emotional freedom to engage with learning in a way that fosters success and growing self-esteem. We have a family orientated approach, with all our various services working seamlessly to create the safety net our students need to prosper and grow.


My3 Therapeutic Model:  Live – Learn – Grow

We aim to provide a model of care and education that helps to explain the therapeutic value of the service the organisation provides and how this is embedded and implemented throughout the process. 

We see ourselves as a transition school with the aim of equipping the pupils with skills, abilities and personal development needed for their reintegration into a mainstream or further education setting.


My3 Success Stories … Examples of The Student Journey at Wood Edge Independent School

“Pat went to 6 schools, including 2 behavioural units, before arrival at Wood Edge Independent School. Her Key Stage 4 with us we saw 98% attendance, a BTEC Award Level 2 Merit in Health and Social Care, and Functional Skills Passes in Level 1 Maths and English. Post KS4 Pat went on to successfully gain an apprenticeship in the Care Sector”

“Sam was out of school completely for 2 years before coming to Wood Edge Independent School, then managed 95% attendance for KS4 with us, achieving an ASDAN Foodwise Certificate, Entry 3 Functional Skills Maths, Level 1 Functional Skills English and undertook the training weekend for the NCFE Level 2 Bushcraft. Post KS4 Sam attended an FE College studying game design”

“Charli missed 18 months of school due to time in Tier 4 Units, yet managed to achieve 98% attendance at Wood Edge Independent School for Year 11 as well as a GCSE in Maths, and Level 2 Functional Skills in English and Maths. In Year 12 Charli went on to an FE College to study Art.”

“Kerry missed both Years 8 and 9 before arriving at WES, but now is at 98% attendance and studying for 6 GCSEs in preparation for re-integration into a mainstream school in Y10.”