Welcome to My3 Ltd

Welcome to our Website

My3 is a provider for specialist Residential Care, Education and Therapeutic pathways and offers bespoke services based in the Northwest of England.

We aspire to support unique journeys for every young person within our wider community who will benefit from the triangulation of services.

As a small organisation in the sector, we pride ourselves for our personable and flexible approach as we believe this is the best way for providing effective support.


Live - Learn - Grow


My3 works in partnership with families, professionals and ensures that Care, Education and Therapeutic services are robustly integrated to enable the best chance of success.

  • My3 is partnered with Edge Hill University and has access to the high-class facilities, training opportunities and has an employment pathway for students
  • My3 is a member of BILD (British Institution of Learning Disabilities), and is currently enhancing Positive Behaviour Support with BILD’s CAPBS Practice Leadership Programme
  • As a member of the Restraint Reduction Network, My3 has signed the pledge to reduce restrictive practices. We promote a therapeutic and nurturing environment
  • We work closely with Ofsted & Care Quality Commission as our independent regulatory bodies ensuring we apply the highest standards and adhere to compliances
  • My3 has partnered with Halo Housing to enable quality housing solution as part of our ‘Transitional’ pathway